Our Staff:

Ministerial Leadership Staff:

Blake Kersey - Senior Pastor

Dave Briley - Associate Pastor Music/Fine Arts

Larry Hyche - Minister of Discipleship

Roger Jenkins - Associate Pastor Senior Adults/Pastoral Care

Kristy Knight - Minister of Children

Sara Lansford - Director of Preschool Ministries

Stephen Mishalanie - Administrator of Recreational Outreach



Additional Staff with programming:

Keith Frost -  Director of Operations

Debbie Barton - Director of First Productions/Communications

Elizabeth Carter - Organist/ Children's Choir Coordinator

Larry Chapman – Business Administrator

Doug Farris - Music Assistant/Orchestra

Terri Howard - Financial Administrator

Teresa Letson - Director of Church Street Academy

Ginny Matherly - Director of the School of Fine Arts


Support Staff:

Vickie Allaway - Administrative Assistant/Music

Suzy Baggett - Administrative Assistant for Pastoral Ministries

Mallory Cottingham - Accounting Assistant

Christy Mathis - Receptionist

Debbie Bishop - Administrative Assistant/Education